Saturday, 4 January 2014

The Universe Laughs In My Face

So yes, I should have exercised and blogged four times for Janathon by now, shouldn't I? Uh-huh. Great plans, and all that. We've now all had the vomiting bug - kids, husband, and it hit me on New Year's Day after a full ten days of cleaning up and looking after everyone else. I left our friends' home about lunchtime feeling ok, mildly hungover, nothing unusual, even talking about going out for a run that evening...and three hours later I was in bed, sick to my stomach, pain in every joint. Bloody wonderful.

2nd Jan I spent huddled in an armchair shivering, trying to deal with the bored and squabbly kids and went to bed again the minute I could. After 48hrs with no food I was pretty wobbly - on the mend again but quite weak. I knew the kids were bored out of their minds, though, so I said I would take them to see Frozen the following day...and then proceeded not to sleep at all that night due to an exceedingly painful shoulder. It finally succumbed to paracetamol at 7am and the kids woke me up at eight. *facepalm*

3rd Jan we made it to the pictures, though getting up the stairs to the cinema was dizzying and draining. On the other hand I ate! Lots. Felt a lot better, no more sick, just wobbly as hell. I planned for this to be the last rest day...but at 11.30pm Eldest Daughter threw up all over the bed and necessitated several hours' worth of clean-up and cuddling between us. And then I couldn't sleep again.

Today the cat joined in and threw up on the sofa. The devil vomits on my eiderdown again, to quote Blackadder. So you know what, screw it. I'm tired, I have work to do and we've done more laundry in the last fortnight than anyone should ever do over Christmas. Eldest and I have managed to physically do our kata for the last couple of days, though - I have practiced every day for 118 days in a row, even at my sickest, because I can still visualise it even if I can't get up and do it. But it feels good to be on my feet again and I can't wait to get to karate on Wednesday to see if I'm finally getting it right.

Tomorrow - all being well and no more sickness - I'm back at Aquatics for training, in a small group with the coach. At the moment I'm only planning to stay for the first hour; I had originally intended to join the main session afterwards but I think that would be stupid at the moment. No sense in getting knocked out for the whole month. On Monday I'm going to reset all my programmes on Lift - pull-ups, push-ups and planks - back to the beginning because I feel like I've lost a lot of strength. Fingers crossed for just a late start to Janathon, rather than completely abandoned.

Of course, the snow's bound to blow in now, isn't it...