Monday, 6 January 2014

Back To Basics

I've mentioned a few times recently - it's a habit-tracking site I've been using for a few months and I think it's really made a difference in terms of sticking to things I need to do or practice regularly. My list is a bit crazy at the moment because I've just added a bunch of new programs, but I'd really recommend it if you want to learn something new or make sure you do something repeatedly. I use it all day long and my day looks like this:

 - it's kind of neat to be able to achieve things without even getting out of bed, so I tick off "inbox zero", "100 vocab words in 100 days", "mental maths" and "take allergy meds am" first thing.

- once I've taken the kids to school I can tick off "eat breakfast", "eat fruit", "writing prompt" and "1min office yoga".

- After lunch I do languages on Duolingo with Youngest (she likes pressing the buttons and laughing at my accent), so that's "learn French", "learn German" and "learn Spanish" ticked off, and I try for "Unclutter" as well.

- At tea I "take vitamins" (mostly because I'm post-bug right now) and afterwards "flute practice" on some nights and "kata" every night with Eldest.

- Evenings are "watch at least one Coursera video", although I'm actually doing the Forensic Science course on FutureLearn right now, then "30 day Planks for beginners", "Push ups for beginners", "Master the Pull-up level 1" and "exercise", which can be either just active nights for those three or one of my swim/karate/yoga classes. I also need to make sure I've done my "physio exercises" and "tracked food on My Fitness Pal".

- And after all that, I've now got to "take allergy meds pm", "meditate" and "go to bed by midnight".

Busy days, and no doubt that's ridiculously regimented to some people, but I am thriving - I've never done so many things so consistently for so long. The strength building programs are particularly helpful and stop me being aimless.

So my exercise log for tonight, starting all three back at the beginning, is:

  • Push-Up
    • 3 reps5
  • Plank
    • 00:00:209
  • Side Plank
    • 00:00:1513
  • Pull-Up
    • 3 reps48
    • 4 reps60
    • 3 reps48
    • All assisted
  • Negative Pull-Up
    • 2 reps17
    • 1 neg, 1 hold
For which I got 200 points on Fitocracy, and that's good enough for me tonight.