Sunday, 29 December 2013

Ooh, Crumbs, It's Janathon Time Again

Well, nearly. I need to seriously update this here blog (especially the stats, which are miles out of date!). Very briefly:
- I swam a 5km at Salford Quays in September (dead last in 2hrs 22mins but a great experience)
- Took up karate with my amazing daughter (she's now a yellow belt and coming up to grading again, I will take my first belt at the same time hopefully) and the awesome Red Tigers
- Started yoga with the sweet and lovely Jane at Radiant Heart
- Went back to winter training with USWIM.

We also supported five members of the family (including my dear husband) at Great North Run. It's no wonder I've had no time to blog - I now do some kind of sport five days a week, and that's not counting various body weight programs I've been doing via I'm still a big fan of Fitocracy and continue to meet lots of great people and be motivated that way. I've also signed up for the Cross-Coniston Chillswim in September '14, which is just over five miles. It's the same weekend as Great North Run, which my beloved other half has signed up to again, so we're going to be rather busy this year.

Anyway, the one thing I've found hard to commit to over the last year is running, and that's just annoying because it's only my own sheer laziness holding me back there. So here's hoping I don't get thwarted by snow like last year, and manage to go for a run on the days I'm not doing anything else. Or as well as. I live in hope!

Fancy signing up for Janathon too? Go here and go forth: