Saturday, 8 September 2012

Swimming In Place


People often talk about the sporting challenges of pushing themselves harder, faster, further. We don't often hear about the challenge of not pushing - of holding back from overwork, or the frustration of "taking it easy" when you have an injury but the joy of sport is pulling you ahead. I had to fight hard to get out of the Quays this morning after two laps (long course, so 1.5k) of holding myself back. I'm ready to work a bit harder, go a bit faster, do some more form correction. Instead, I had to tell myself over and over again: you are not here to compete against yourself this morning. You must hold something in reserve to run tomorrow. You cannot risk an injury, deplete yourself, or do anything but stay calm and cool today. Slow down and look at the fish (yes, Virginia, the Quays really do have fish in and goodness, that was very weird to look down and see them swim underneath me, 3m deeper). Enjoy the sunshine today and hope it's breezy tomorrow. The water's still very warm, above 17oC, I'd guess.

It's hard, and something I'm really going to have to watch out for in a Tri. Last run I shouldn't have pushed for that faster last mile, really, not on a downhill - it left me with a clicky knee that's had me fretting all week; not painful but not something I wanted to be worrying about . It seems to have disappeared today but it's been a close thing. I skipped running on Thursday - again, hard to do - but it looks like it was the right tactic. I feel ok. Nervous now; I'm sure I'll be overexcited and silly when we get there in the morning. I tend to be a bit ratty the day before an event and perky at the start line!

It all got a bit real when I spotted a banner for tomorrow hanging on the railings at Dock 9 this morning. The races start at 10.15am (10k) and 10.30am (5k). Fingers crossed for cloud. Looks like it's going to be a busy one and I'm worried about where to put 5k time is nothing to write home about, but I do intend to run the distance, aiming for 40mins or so, and I know there'll be a good amount of charity/fancy dress/walking participants. I don't want to get tangled up in that but I also don't want to get in the way myself. Anyway! That's why I'm doing this, to get some experience before doing a 10k.

And breathe...