Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Paddling On

And that would be why I was the pool tonight, ploughing up and down even though I've felt like the sweepings off the floor all day and not much in the way of targets right now. Well, that and the fact that taking the girls earlier in the afternoon lightened me up sufficiently to say "ok, well, I'll go and do 2km, taking note of my half-mile and km times and that'll be enough". I've felt pretty good after Salford - icing your legs really does work, I guess - but the sorest part of me has been my shoulders. I'm not sure if that's an after-effect of Saturday's swim or tension or what, but it has been achy, and combined with a late night on Monday I just felt rubbish today. I am liable to slip off the wagon quite badly if I skip sessions of any sport, though, so off to the pool it was. Consistency is a big deal to me.

What's local pool has just announced it's signed up to Swimathon 2013, so as soon as it's listed I'll sign up for the 5k swim. That should be easily doable by April, net me the Fitocracy Quest "Iron Fish" (3.9km - it's the Ironman Tri swim distance) in the process and give me the option of doing the Great North Swim 2-miler at Windermere in the Summer.

We've been considering the new Rochdale Kingsway Run the week after next, which has both 5k and 10k components, as well as a kid's race K was quite interested in doing - but given that it's 40mins drive from here and then park & ride, for a 10.30am start (or 9.45 for the kids), it all sounds a bit hellish to get everyone up for. It's also a bit dubious on the chip timing, which will only happen "if there are enough participants". We feel that's important to us so we'll probably leave it this year and see what reviews it gets. Babysitting is an issue too - most events we do for the next *mumblemumble* years will have to be as individuals, trading off weekends unless they coincide with grandparents being around.

I do want to do another 5k quite soon - my confidence has taken a knock from Salford even with the solid reason that it was just too damn hot to cope with. So I, at least, am looking for an event to do in late October or November, and I have a feeling my dear heart is also tempted towards another quiet 10k before Christmas. As he said over teatime this evening, "What on earth has happened to us?".

Oh yeah. I decided to become a Fitocracy Hero tonight. :) The site's given me a lot over the last year, I figured it was time for a little thank you. Also I want a t-shirt. :P