Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Lap Follows Lap


3km or 120 laps of the pool tonight; 30 laps more than last week and another freestyle improvement. I wasn't quite aiming for that. I'd expected 2.5km to be more in the ballpark, but I managed to get in early enough and not have too much competition for space. I have to - as they say on Fito - give props to the staff at Darwen Leisure for looking after me by rigging up a lane I could have near enough to myself for an hour, and for bearing with me as I thrashed out the last four laps at two minutes to ten. I'd have been pretty gutted to stop at 118 laps, wouldn't you?! I must be dead boring to keep an eye on, though, just ploughing up and down all night.

The last lifeguard on the side tonight asked if I was still enjoying it and I had to think for a little while before I answered that one. Yes, it's great to be kicking out a longer distance every week still - I probably won't plateau on endurance til 5km or so, all things being equal. But I can feel I'm reaching my speed limit - there's little more I can do to improve my form by myself because I simply can't see what I'm doing, and I will have to wait til I can get some coaching before that improves. It's also not a patch on open water. It feels like purgatory sometimes...too warm, too busy, too loud, chlorine burn in the back of your nose; something you have to suffer through to get to the good stuff.

But. The work must go in to get the result out, and if the work in the pool translates to improvement outside then yes, I'm still happy.