Sunday, 9 September 2012

City of Salford 5k/10k

Funny, we don't look like we just ran through a few circles of hell.

So yes, that's me and my better half wearing our "you didn't die out there, well done" t-shirts. Dear heavens, that was hot - 23oC or something. Probably hotter than it's been all flipping Summer, and given that we both train at night it really took a lot out of us both. I could really have done with some water.

I walked a lot. :( More than I've walked on a run in ages. And yet, personal best (38.33). Go figure. If it hadn't been so hot who knows what I could have managed. Maybe 35min, maybe even 30min - I have no idea what I can really achieve on flat ground. I can do so much better than today, though. I have to say I'm overall a bit disappointed, but on the other hand, I listen a lot to people around me, and there were plenty of scarily competant-looking folks (lots of club runners today) saying that they'd found it much too hot. One poor guy was covered in blood from a nosebleed. There was a part of the route with absolutely no shade, where the sun was bouncing off the industrial units by Rank Hovis (about 2km into the 5km course and 7km of the 10km) and we both said that's where we'd flaked out. But...I was still running when I spotted OH coming along the other side of the road, and I finished it running - bit of a sprint over the line, actually. I learned about a mass start - I suspect I was ok where I was today but too near the back for the future, it was hard to hear we'd actually started the 5k after the hoo-haa for the 10k. I learned I need to work out how to deal with hydration. I learned I probably need some *gasp* shorts. I learned that spectators don't necessarily stay off the bloody course.

I also learned my inner voice has got to shut the hell up. It was super-hard to tune out today, saying "don't you think you should stick to swimming? You're not very good at running, are you? And you don't get sore* and sweaty, swimming, and nobody notices you making a fool of yourself. Wouldn't it be looooovely to be in the water right now? It's just over there, you know". Urgh. Nice going, self. Way to sabotage.

Still. I said all along this was about learning and given that I only started C25K in April, had a few glitches, and ran 5k for the first time only a month ago, I think I did ok and picked up a few tips for the future, things I will absolutely need to know before taking on a 10k. Not great, but it's a start. And with a bit of luck I'll remember that course layout and maybe have another go at it after swimming sometime.

Now I'm away to collapse for a few days.

Oh, Ron Hill was there - I couldn't hear well but I think he and the mayor started the 10k. All I could think was "Gawd. That man's name is on my boobs."

* beg to differ, brain - I have butt DOMS from my Saturday swim. So there.