Monday, 3 September 2012

Eyes On The Prize

Go straight to Fitocracy. Pass Go. Collect Awesome.

Said the above to myself quite a bit tonight - just a bit of pre-race brainwashing to keep me on track. Haven't been up to the moor route for a couple of weeks and it was lovely out there - scudding clouds over a just-past-full moon, warm breeze, no hazards. I did get honked at for the first time ever, that was a surprise - usually it's my other half that gets the sass for some reason.

So that was a nice solid 4km-ish altogether - 1.6km warm-up walk (one day I will run up that hill and barely feel it, but not yet); 2.5km at my usual pace, and the devil on my shoulder said "I wonder if you can get that last mile a bit faster than last time, go on, I bet you can, there might even be a Fito quest in it...give it a go." So for the last 1.6km I upped the pace a bit and then really pushed the last 200m or so into a sprint (ahaha, for me anyway). Took a minute off my last time, but still not under ten minutes'll come. Overall it was something like 25mins for 4km so if I can stick to that on Sunday I'll be looking at a respectable newbie time.

I have given myself a clicky knee now, though. Will have to watch that when swimming tomorrow.