Saturday, 18 May 2013

Three Little Ducks Went Swimming Today...

I had the great pleasure of introducing a couple of chaps from Fitocracy to the joys of open water today! They did really well and it was lovely to meet new people as well as catch up with some of my lane mates from winter training (and I am pleased with my cold adaption and calmness of breath, despite having picked up the kids' cough. My lungs feel nasty). In all honesty it was a pretty horrible day weather-wise - I think this is the second-coldest I've felt since the polar training last November. I'm grateful all over again that I was able to start my open water career in much warmer waters.

Today it was 12oC with a stiff breeze and a mildly annoying amount of chop (mostly from the safety boat, which seemed to be zooming about a lot for no good reason!). The first lap was necessarily slower since I was guiding someone around, but I managed another two before my feet and fingers just said "no more". Oddly, I don't seem to shiver like a lot of swimmers - maybe I get out before it gets to that point, or maybe this layer of bioprene is good for something after all. I shall enjoy my traditional Eurovision beer-and-curry without guilt tonight!

Pretty chilly today, 12oC 18/5/13

I am a bit disappointed, really, as I was hoping to get four laps done today and just keep building up before Windermere...1200m is Not Good Enough. Looks like I'm going to have to hit the pool more than I'd prefer, I suppose.

OM NOM NOM: the bacon buttie is becoming a standard post-swim fixture.
11.8oC on 11/5/13, but felt much warmer than today because there was less wind.

I did three laps last week as well but it seemed easier without the wind, and I left off my gloves and boots for both sessions. Same sort of times, though (about 11mins for the 400m circuit). I haven't been to the pool for a couple of weeks at all as I've been seeing a physio at Bolton Sports & Spinal Injury Clinic on the same day I'd normally swim, and I've felt pretty tired and mauled about after those sessions. I am improving rapidly, though. It turns out my right hip is not where it should be and is somehow rubbing against the sacro-iliac joint, giving me some really quite unpleasant back pain as well as the hip issues. Happily my range of motion has increased significantly over the two weeks after some massage, manipulation and sticking religiously to the exercises I was given. I'm still banned from running and lifting but I'm crossing my fingers that I can get out to run after the next appointment, even if it's only a little bit. I miss it and my fitness is frankly crap at the moment. I'm hoping to get over to Boundary Park at some point but it's a bit complicated in terms of juggling everyone else's training and committments.

Eldest daughter is on week 4 of karate and appears to be thoroughly enjoying herself. We've said she can have her gi if she's still having fun and wants to continue after a six-week taster. Watch this space :D