Sunday, 18 November 2012



Borrowed the USwim Masters workout from the first week (thankfully someone had posted their sets on Fito) and tried to see if I could do it. Close but no cigar - I was a bit late going so had only 1hr 35 rather than the 2hrs. Cracked out 3050m in total, sets as follows:

400m Warm Up
4x50m Individual Medley
 4x50m Drills (legs only, catch-up, fists, catch up - they did ripple but I don't know what that is)
10x100m @ 2m 15s 
8x200m @4m 30s
 600m Cool Down

I managed all of that up to the 200m sets and ran out of time after six sets, so I was 800m down there and only did 50m cool down. I wasn't quite on the money for the times but it is excruciatingly hard to time 100m or 200m over a 25m pool when you're sharing a lane with people who basically think floating makes them fitter somehow. Still pretty pleased, though, it proves I could probably hold my own in the intermediate lane. Continuing with USwim Masters is going to require some family juggling, as I'd be coming home later. We're going to give it a whirl, though.

Missing my lesson like crazy. Got out of bed the wrong side this morning, had a driving scare and have been generally irritable all day. Swapped a "daytime fitness" session with my OH - he went for a 10 mile run this morning and I had intended to swim for two hours this afternoon, but annoyingly the lanes were only up for an hour this afternoon due to some crazyass inflatable thing. Not a single local pool had more than an hour for anything, either. So I went anyway and ANGRYSWAM for 50 minutes. Covered 2km but playing "dodge the numpties" really takes a toll on your time and your temper. Seriously, people. If you can see two lanes of folks swimming slow head-up breaststroke and one lane with two fast freestylers in it, and you don't want to get your hair wet, which lane should you choose? I'll give you a hint: NOT the one where people aren't stopping to rest. I must have overtaken this one woman every other lap, ffs. I love that people swim for relaxation and gentle fitness, really I do, but for the love of Pete, have a little sense.

Future Plans
Aaaaaaaaaaaaargh. Great Swim places opened on Monday and I still haven't booked. I'll probably sort Manchester out tonight but I've dithered over it because none of the charities I would have liked to have supported are sharing the entry costs for the distances I want to do. That means I've had to wait and wait to have the money to do it - Manchester alone is £33 and North is £46 for the 2 miles I'd intended to do. And then I had two very good  swimmers on Fito telling me to get my bloody finger out, stop pissing about with a couple of miles and do a full lap of Windermere this season. That is somewhat unrealistic, given the lack of training time available, but it has got me seriously considering the 5k wave at North instead of the 2 miles. So now I'm in a quandry: do I enter for the 2 miles, knowing I'm already under the time requirement, or go for the 5km with six months to train to get it under two hours? The furthest I've gone in open water was 4km and that took me two hours - but I wasn't pushing particularly hard.

I don't know what to do.